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Heat Sealing Machines

Perfect for sealing lay flat tubing and bags made from thermo-plastic materials, providing a hygienic tamper proof, air tight seal.  Ideal for use in a range of industries especially, food, medical and pharmaceutical.

Hand operated sealers suitable for widths up to 500mm or bench mounted foot operated models for sealing heavier products and larger items.

‘L’ sealing machines for centre-folded films often used for food packaging.  Hot air blowers can be used to shrink the film once sealed giving a professional presentation.

Sealers can be fitted with a trimming knife for a tidy finish or round wire options for sealing and cutting in one action saving time and further reducing waste.  Adjustable timer allows for sealing of film thicknesses up to 1000 gauge.

Element wires and various spares for our heat sealers are carried in stock along with unrolling devices for smooth film dispensing.

Heat sealing machines available from stock


Code Size (seal width) Features
IHS08 200mm (8") Adjustable Timer
IHS08C 200mm (8") Adjustable Timer, Sliding Cutter
IHS12 300mm (12") Adjustable Timer
IHS12C 300mm (12") Adjustable Timer, Sliding Cutter
IHS16C 400mm (16") Adjustable Timer, Sliding Cutter


Code Size (seal width) Features
BMHS24 600mm (23½") Semi-Automatic or Manual, Electromagnet Sealing Head, Foot Pedal included
BMHS25C 625mm (24½") Sliding Cutter, Foot Pedal included


Code Size (width) Description
UD12 300mm (12") Unrolling Device
UD18 450mm (18") Unrolling Device
2KWHAB   2KW Hot Air Blower