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High Tensile Bags

Durable bags made from specially blended film giving exceptional strength without increased polythene waste.

Able to carry heavy products and materials without splitting, and also functional as dust covers, these translucent bags are available in a useful range of sizes.

High tensile bagsĀ available from stock


Code Size (width x length) Grade Pack Qty
HT300 300 x 450mm (12 x 18") 15mu (60g) 1000
HT375 375 x 500mm (15 x 20") 19mu (76g) 1000
HT450 450 x 600mm (18 x 24") 21mu (84g) 1000
HT500 500 x 750mm (20 x 30") 22mu (88g) 1000
HT600 600 x 900mm (24 x 36") 22mu (88g) 500