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Equipment for use with Polypropylene Strapping

Tools and dispensers designed to tension and seal polypropylene strapping with minimum effort and maximum output.

Hand operated tensioners, sealer and combination tools for polypropylene strapping to suit a variety of strengths of strap and tasks.

Semi-automatic and fully automated machines for speedy, dependable strapping, reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.  These can be stand-alone or incorporated into packing areas with ease.  Reliable operation and low running costs these strapping machines give excellent performance and require little maintenance.

Static or mobile dispensers hold and carry coils of banding neatly, improve system efficiency, and can be purchased individually or as part of a kit.  All our dispensers have an integral tool box which helps keep strapping kits together with all necessary equipment conveniently to hand.

PP Strap systems available from stock


Code Size (strap width) Description
PST12 12-19mm (½-¾") Tensioner
WPT/72 12-19mm (½-¾") Heavy Duty Tensioner


Code Size (strap width) Description
PSS12 12mm (½") Sealer for use with SO12, HSDO12, CD12 Seals
PSS16 16mm (⅝") Sealer for use with HDSO16 Seals


Code Size (strap width) Description
PSC12 12mm (½") Combination Tool for use with SO12, HDSO12 Seals
PSC16 16mm (⅝") Combination Tool for use with HDSO16 Seals


Code Size (strap width) Description
OFSA2 9-16mm (⅜-⅝") Semi Automatic Open Frame Strapping Machine
TMSA300 6-16mm (¼-⅝") Semi Automatic Strapping Machine


Code Description
PRS/10 Static Dispenser for Plastic Reels
PRM/15 Mobile Dispenser for Plastic Reels
CCS/20 Static Dispenser for Card Core Reels
CCM/25 Mobile Dispenser for Card Core Reels
SF100 Strap Feeders