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Paper Void Fill

Environmentally friendly protection which withstands rigorous handling challenges.

The innovative EasiFill system uses specially engineered paper which dramatically increases its volume to fill in spaces in boxes and hold the product securely in place during transit.  This simple yet effective system can be used anywhere as it doesn’t require any power supply for operating.  EasiFill paper gives a 50% higher yield compared with standard papers and is also suitable for low volume applications.

Economical imitation papers can be simply screwed up to fill in gaps and prevent damage.  Paper void fill options are easily recycled, thereby solving waste disposal issues for the consumer.

Paper void fill available from stock


Code Size (width x length) Style Pack Qty
PKP350 350mm x 75m (14" x 82yd) Easifill 1 roll
PKCF34 375mm x 400m (14¾" x 437yd) Centre Feed 1 roll
PKH72 395mm x 250m (15½" x 273yd) Honeycomb 1 roll
MGP10 500mm x 510m (19¾" x 558yd) Kraft 1 roll
IPR80 600mm x 220m (24" x 241yd) Imitation Kraft 1 roll