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Equipment for use with Polyester Strapping

Economical and reliable, polyester strapping equipment is straightforward to use and extremely durable.

Pneumatic tensioners for woven or composite polyester strapping for guaranteed regular high tensioning capacity.

Tubular steel frame dispensers ensure a smooth, tangle-free operation, strap feeders keep strap taut and increase operator safety.

Polyester strap systems available from stock


Code Size (strap width) Description
WPT/70 up to 19mm (¾") Tensioner
WPT/72 up to 19mm (¾") Heavy Duty Tensioner
WPT/71 up to 40mm (1½") Tensioner
WPT/73 up to 40mm (1½") Heavy Duty Tensioner
WPPT/75 up to 32mm (1¼") Pneumatic Tensioner


Code Description
WPD/80 Static Woven Polyester Strapping Dispenser
WPD/90 Mobile Woven Polyester Strapping Dispenser
CCS/20 Static Dispenser for Card Core Reels
CCM/25 Mobile Dispenser for Card Core Reels
SF100 Strap Feeders