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Mesh Sleeving

Flexinet plastic expandable mesh sleeving moulds around irregular shaped items protecting from scuffs and scratches and improving presentation.

Mesh sleeving retains its elasticity and protects components during manufacture, storage, transit and installation.  It is simple to apply and doesn’t leave any residue or dust when removed.

Mesh sleeving available from stock


Code Size (diameter x length) Colour Pack Qty
RED13 6-13mm x 50m (¼-½" x 54yd) Red 1 coil
TAN42 6-17mm x 250m (¼-¾" x 273yd) Orange 1 coil
BLA25 10-25mm x 250m (⅜-1" x 273yd) Black 1 coil
BLA16 13-26mm x 50m (½-1" x 54yd) Black 1 coil
MUL32 20-45mm x 50m (¾-1¾" x 54yd) Pink 1 coil
VIO60 25-60mm x 50m (1-2¼" x 54yd) Violet 1 coil
ORA33 26-40mm x 25m (1-1½" x 27yd) Orange 1 coil
BRO34 40-50mm x 25m (1½-2" x 27yd) Brown 1 coil
PUR35 40-80mm x 50m (1½-3¼" x 54yd) Violet 1 coil
WHT36 50-65mm x 25m (2-2½" x 27yd) White 1 coil
RED37 50-100mm x 50m (2-4" x 54yd) Red 1 coil
GRE40 65-80mm x 25m (2½-3¼" x 27yd) Grey 1 coil
YEL38 78-102mm x 25m (3-4" x 27yd) Yellow 1 coil
NRED39 50-130mm x 200m (2-5" x 219yd) Pink 1 coil
YEL100 100-200mm x 50m (4-8" x 54yd) Yellow 1 coil