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PET Strapping

Tornado™ extruded polyester strap is the perfect solution for stabilising heavy loads, even for long durations of storage or transit.

Resilient PET strapping has high elasticity, will not rust, and retains tension even when loads settle.  It is safe and easy to apply using battery powered or manual hand tools which tension and seal the strap in one operation, ensuring you get a reliable, secure load every time.

Tornado™ PET strapping is BondMark™ accredited, conforming to international packaging standards, giving you confidence that wherever your goods are going, they will arrive intact.

PET Strapping available from stock


Code Size (width x thickness x length) Grade Style Colour Pack Qty
G/PS12 12 x 0.6mm x 2500m (⅜ x ¹⁄₄₂" x 3281yd) 220kg BS 406/150 Core Green 1 coil
G/PS152 15 x 0.6mm x 2000m (⅝ x ¹⁄₄₂" x 2187yd) 320kg BS 406/150 Core Green 1 coil
G/PS15 15.5 x 0.7mm x 1750m (⅝ x ¹⁄₃₂" x 1914yd) 390kg BS 406/150 Core Green 1 coil
G/PS19 19 x 0.85mm x 1500m (¾ x ¹⁄₃₂" x 1640yd) 550kg BS 406/150 Core Green 1 coil