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Strong sisal and polypropylene twines are ideal for light baling, securing parcels and many other packaging and warehouse functions.  Rayon twine is suitable for use in the food industry.

Clean and smooth white polypropylene twine is manufactured with a heavy duty weave.  Traditional sisal twine has a more natural hairy composition and is also used in horticultural applications.  Rayon string is used in butchering and food processing operations.

Twine available from stock


Code Roll Weight Grade Material Pack Qty
TPP400 2.5kgs 450M Polypropylene 1 spool
TPP700 2.5kgs 700M Polypropylene 1 spool
TPP170 4.5kgs 170M Polypropylene 1 spool
TPP280 4.5kgs 280M Polypropylene 1 spool
TPP350 4.5kgs 350M Polypropylene 1 spool
TPP450 4.5kgs 450M Polypropylene 1 spool
TS300 2.5kgs 300M Sisal 1 spool
TRY4 450g No.4 Rayon 6 spools
TRY5 450g No.5 Rayon 6 spools