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Equipment for use with Extruded Polyester Strapping

Robust equipment for PET strapping designed to give outstanding performance in demanding conditions.

Durable manual tensioners and sealers designed for serrated seals for tough handling of extruded polyester (PET) strapping.

Battery operated, friction weld tools provide consistent tensioning and sealing of strap, tools are lightweight and portable ideal for shift work and onsite situations. Easily adjustable for use with different strap widths and strengths ensuring maximum operator comfort.

Mobile dispensers manufactured in steel and power-coated ensure a smooth unwind, complete with a tool box your strapping equipment is always at hand.

PET Strap systems available from stock


Code Size (strap width) Description
PST12 12-19mm (½-¾") Tensioner
WPT/72 12-19mm (½-¾") Heavy Duty Tensioner


Code Size (strap width) Description
#PST12S 12mm (½") Sealer with Offset Jaws for use with SRD12 Seals
PHDS16 16mm (⅝") Sealer with Offset Jaws for use with SRD16 Seals


Code Size (strap width) Description
PHDC12 12mm (½") HD Combination Tool for use with SRD12 Seals
PHDC16 16mm (⅝") HD Combination Tool for use with SRD16 Seals


Code Size (strap width) Description
BXT2 12-16mm (½-⅝") Battery Powered Friction Weld Combination Tool


Code Description
#MPCC/40 Mobile Dispenser for 406 Card Core Reels
SF100 Strap Feeders