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Equipment for use with Steel Strapping

Steel strapping tools manufactured to the highest standards that will give reliable results in the challenging circumstances.

Strong, engineered steel strapping tensioners for flat and round pack applications, and sealers for optimum seal efficiency.  Seal-less combination tools tension and notch strap in two simple actions providing cost-effective strapping solutions, perfect for when strap is used in more than one location.

Pneumatic tools for extra heavy duty situations ensure consistent strap tension and reduce operator strain.

Steel strap dispensers ensure a safe unwind during handling and strap is kept tidy when not in use.  Safety cutters clamp the strap while cutting to prevent injury.

Steel strap systems available from stock


Code Size (strap width) Description
#TLS20 9-19mm (⅜-¾") Tensioner
SST16 9-19mm (⅜-¾") Heavy Duty Tensioner
SRPT19 9-19mm (⅜-¾") Heavy Duty Round Pack Tensioner
PR16 19-32mm (¾-1¼") Pneumatic Tensioner


Code Size (strap width) Description
SSS12 12mm (½") Single Notch Sealer for use with SSO12 Seals
SSLN12 12mm (½") Heavy Duty Single Notch Sealer for use with SSO12, SLO12, SLM12 Seals
#DNS16 16mm (⅝") Heavy Duty Double Notch Sealer for use with SSO16 Seals
SSDLN16 16mm (⅝") Heavy Duty Double Notch Sealer for use with SSO16, SLO16 Seals
SSS19 19mm (¾") Heavy Duty Single Notch Sealer for use with SSO19, SLO19, SLM19, SLZ19 Seals
SSS25 25mm (1") Heavy Duty Side Action Single Notch Sealer for use with SLO25 Seals


Code Size (strap width) Description
SSFC19 12-19mm (½-¾") Sealless Combination Tool
SSFC16 12-19mm (½-¾") Heavy Duty Sealless Combination Tool


Code Description
RWD60 Mobile Dispenser for Ribbon Wound Steel Strap
MWD70 Mobile Dispenser for Mill Wound Steel Strap


Code Description
SSZ05 Steel Strapping Safety Cutters
SSZ10 Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Safety Cutters