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LDPE Shrink Films,

Pallet Covers & Sheeting

No shape or size restrictions with heavy duty polythene shrink films and pallet covers which give ultimate stability and protection when shrunk to the pallet load or product.  Temporary protective sheeting and pallet top sheets protect against adverse weather and dirt.

Virgin grade polythene shrink films are available in centre fold or gusset tube style on a roll to be cut off at the required length, and are a great way to pack awkward objects and irregular loads providing secure, waterproof and tamper evident protection along with smart presentation.  It is also available as ready-made pallet covers designed to fit standard and euro pallets in a choice of heights for extra convenience.  Request a free on site demonstration to prove the advantages of wrapping your products with shrink film.

Megatop™ pallet top sheets are excellent for protecting the top or bottom of pallets from dirt, dust and moisture during transit and storage, and are used with hand or machine applied pallet stretch film.  Megatop™ sheets are BondMark™ approved and are supplied perforated on rolls for ease of storage and use.  Black top sheets provide extra security for your goods.

Multi-folded polythene sheeting is ideal for covering large items and protecting areas during construction work.

LDPE films & pallet covers available from stock


Code Size (closed width/open width x length) Grade Style Pack Qty
#SWS01 1000mm x 217m (39¼" x 237yd) 200mu (800g) Single Wound 1 roll (40kgs)
CF107MP 650/1300mm x 523m (25½/51" x 572yd) 40mu (160g) Micro Perforated Centre Fold 1 roll (25kgs)
CF104 1000/2000mm x 174m (39¼/78¾" x 190yd) 125mu (500g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
CF100 1000/2000mm x 109m (39¼/78¾" x 119yd) 200mu (800g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
CF105 1200/2400mm x 91m (47¼/94½" x 100yd) 200mu (800g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
CF101 1500/3000mm x 116m (59/118" x 127yd) 125mu (500g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
CF102 1500/3000mm x 72m (59/118" x 79yd) 200mu (800g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
CF108 2000/4000mm x 76m (78¾/157½" x 83yd) 125mu (500g) Centre Fold 1 roll (37kgs)
CF103 2000/4000mm x 54m (78¾/157½" x 59yd) 200mu (800g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
CF106 2400/4800mm x 45m (94½/189" x 49yd) 200mu (800g) Centre Fold 1 roll (40kgs)
GT200 1250/2350mm x 74m (49¼/92½" x 81yd) 125mu (500g) Gusset Tube 1 roll (40kgs)


Code Size (closed width x open width x length) To Fit Approx. Plt. Size (length x width x height) Grade Pack Qty
PH302 1250 x 2300 x 1000mm (49¼ x 90½ x 39¼") 1200 x 1000 x 500mm (47¼ x 39¼ x 20") 125mu (500g) 40/roll
#PH403 1250 x 2300 x 1400mm (49¼ x 90½ x 55") 1200 x 1000 x 900mm (47¼ x 39¼ x 35½") 125mu (500g) 40/roll
PH304 1250 x 2350 x 2130mm (49¼ x 92½ x 84") 1200 x 1000 x 1630mm (47¼ x 39¼ x 64") 125mu (500g) 40/roll
PH305 1320 x 2435 x 1750mm (52 x 95¾ x 69") 1250 x 1050 x 1225mm (49¼ x 41¼ x 48") 125mu (500g) 40/roll
PH306 1450 x 2700 x 2775mm (57 x 106¼ x 109¼") 1400 x 1200 x 2175mm (55 x 47¼ x 85½") 125mu (500g) 16/roll


Code Size (closed width/open width x length) Grade Style Colour Pack Qty
HP005 1300 x 1500mm (51 x 59") 20mu (80g) POR Top Sheets Clear 500
HPB10 900/1800 x 1600mm (35½/70¾ x 63") 30mu (120g) POR Centre Fold Top Sheets Black 250
HP020 1150/2300 x 1200mm (45¼/90½ x 47¼") 125mu (500g) POR Centre Fold Top Sheets Clear 100
#PH404 1250 x 2340 x 850mm (49¼ x 94½ x 34") 37.5mu (150g) POR Pallet Caps Clear 200
TPS175 1000/4000mm x 50m (39¼/157½" x 54yd) 40mu (160g) Multifold Sheeting Clear 1 roll
TPS600 1000/4000mm x 25m (39¼/157½" x 27yd) 125mu (500g) Multifold Sheeting Clear 1 roll
#TPS700B 1000/4000mm x 25m (39¼/157½" x 27yd) 250mu (1000g) Multifold Sheeting Black 1 roll