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Catering Disposables

Catering for crowds is made easy with our range of serving ware and disposables.

Insulated polystyrene containers keep food at the desired temperature and are safe and convenient to handle during transportation.  Lidded foil and polystyrene containers are ideal for take away food.  Clear plastic containers present food attractively and hygienically.

Catering disposables available from stock


Code Size Description Pack Qty
#PT2 50ml (2oz) Squat Tubs 1000
PTL8 225ml (8oz) Extra Squat Tubs 500
#PL8 to fit 8oz Tubs Translucent Vent Lids 500
#10UL to fit 10oz Cups White Sip Through Lids 1000
FC12 340ml (12oz) Tubs 500
FCL12 to fit 12oz Tubs Translucent Vent Lids 500
#FDC15 425ml (15oz) Diner Pak Container 500
#FDL15 to fit 15oz Containers Diner Pak Lids 500
#FDC26 735ml (26oz) Diner Pak Container 200
#FDL26 to fit 26oz Containers Diner Pak Lids 200
INHP4 247 x 198 x 75mm (9¾ x 7¾ x 3") HP4 Hinged Meal Box 125


Code Size Description Pack Qty
4KPP 120ml (4oz) Kraft Portion Pot 3000
24KL to fit 2oz - 4oz Tubs Kraft Lids 1500
#KRC08 225ml (8oz) Triple Wall Ripple Cup 500
#WSWC10 296ml (10oz) White Single Wall Cup 1000
#KRC12 340ml (12oz) Triple Wall Ripple Cup 500
#KRC12L to fit 10oz - 20oz Cups White Sip Through PS Lids 1000


Code Size Description Pack Qty
#SST02 170 x 57 x 80mm (6¾ x 2¼ x 3¼") Standard Sandwich Hinged Triangle 500
#TST03 170 x 85 x 80mm (6¾ x 3¼ x 3¼") Triple Sandwich Hinged Triangle 500
FC500 500cc (17oz) Hinged Lid Salad Container 750
FC750 750cc (25oz) Hinged Lid Salad Container 500
#CPSC12 355ml (12oz) Smoothie Cup 1000
#CPL12D to fit 10oz - 20oz Smoothie Cups Domed Lid with Straw Hole 1000


Code Size (length x width x height) Description Pack Qty
#WN2C 146 x 121 x 49mm (5¾ x 4¾ x 2") IVC Foil Container 1000
#WN2CL 139 x 114mm (5½ x 4½") Foil Coated Cardboard Lid 1000
#WN6C 197 x 105 x 49mm (7¾ x 4 x 2") IVC Foil Container 500
#WN6CL 194 x 102mm (7¾ x 4") Foil Coated Cardboard Lid 500


Code Size Description Pack Qty
PPW6 150mm (6") Paper Plates 1000
PPW7 178mm (7") Paper Plates 1000
PPW9 230mm (9") Paper Plates 1000
PBR100 1200mm x 100m (47¼" x 109yd) White Embossed Banquet Roll 1 roll
EWNP133 305 x 305mm (12 x 12") 1 ply White Napkins 5000
WNP233 330 x 330mm (13 x 13") 2 ply White Napkins 2000
PFK21 165mm (6½") White Plastic Knives 1000
PFF22 165mm (6½") White Plastic Forks 1000
PFDS23 165mm (6½") White Plastic Dessert Spoons 1000
TSP20 125mm (5") White Plastic Teaspoons 1500
CPW08 70mm (2¾") Squat White Plastic Cups 2000
CC18 457mm (18") Clingfilm Cutterbox 6 rolls