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Machine Stretch Film

Machine applied Megastretch™ film gives consistent results without user fatigue.

These high performance films offer excellent puncture resistance and load retention, meeting the requirements of any automated system.

Standard machine pallet wrap is used on core brake machines, whilst increased savings and pallet stability can be achieved with power pre-stretch film on dual powered roller stretch wrapping systems.  Available in black where added security is required, Megastretch™ films have a quiet unwind and one side cling, preventing pallets of goods sticking together in transit or storage.  For the best user experience Megastretch™ machine stretch films are BondMark™ approved.

Pre-stretched film is stretched during manufacture and designed to contract after it is applied thus pulling the load tighter to improve stability. Use in place of standard machine film to dramatically reduce waste.

Machine stretch film available from stock


Code Size (width x length) Grade Style Colour Pack Qty
MF5/23 500mm x 1700m (20" x 1859yd) Standard 150% Stretch Clear 16kg/roll
MF5/546B 500mm x 1350m (20" x 1476yd) Standard 150% Stretch Black 16kg/roll
MF5/27 500mm x 1700m (20" x 1859yd) Power Pre-Stretch 250% Stretch Clear 16kg/roll
MF5/30 500mm x 1500m (20" x 1640yd) Power Pre-Stretch 300% Stretch Clear 16kg/roll


Code Size (width x length) Grade Core Size Roll Diameter
SFSW5/9 125mm x 900m (5" x 984yd) Extra Heavy Duty 76mm (3") 225mm (9")