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Lay Flat Tubing

Pro-tube™ polythene tubing is especially suited for protecting long items such as blinds and carpets, and is a versatile, economical solution for packing products of irregular lengths and sizes.

Polythene tubing supplied flat on a roll is available in various useful widths and can be quickly and professionally sealed using a heat sealing machine.  It is also used in the construction industry as temporary drainpipe.  Coloured Pro-tube™ is great for product identification and security, enquire about custom printed options to effectively increase marketing and brand awareness.

Pro-tube lay flat tubing is recyclable and carries the BondMark™ accreditation warranting conformity to international packaging standards giving the best user experience and customer satisfaction.

Lay flat tubing available from stock


Code Size (width x length) Tube Diameter Grade Colour Pack Qty
LFT01 25mm x 330m (1" x 361yd) 16mm (⅝") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (1kg)
LFT02 50mm x 330m (2" x 361yd) 32mm (1¼") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (2kg)
#HD/AST02 50mm x 283m (2" x 309yd) 32mm (1¼") 75mu (300g) Antistatic Pink Tint 1 roll (2kg)
HD/LFT02 50mm x 165m (2" x 180yd) 32mm (1¼") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (2kg)
LFT03 75mm x 330m (3" x 361yd) 48mm (2") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (3kg)
HD/LFT03 75mm x 165m (3" x 180yd) 48mm (2") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (3kg)
LFT04 100mm x 330m (4" x 361yd) 64mm (2½") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (4kg)
HD/LFT04 100mm x 165m (4" x 180yd 64mm (2½") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (4kg)
LFT05 125mm x 330m (5" x 361yd) 80mm (3¼") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (5kg)
HD/LFT05 125mm x 165m (5" x 180yd) 80mm (3¼") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (5kg)
LFT06 150mm x 330m (6" x 361yd) 95mm (3¾") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (6kg)
HD/LFT06 150mm x 165m (6" x 180yd) 95mm (3¾") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (6kg)
LFT065 165mm x 330m (6½" x 361yd) 105mm (4") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (6.5kg)
LFT07 175mm x 330m (7" x 361yd) 111mm (4¼") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (7kg)
HD/LFT07 175mm x 165m (7" x 180yd) 111mm (4¼") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (7kg)
LFT08 200mm x 330m (8" x 361yd) 127mm (5") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (8kg)
HD/LFT08 200mm x 165m (8" x 180yd) 127mm (5") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (8kg)
LFT09 227mm x 330m (9" x 361yd) 144mm (5½") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (9kg)
HD/LFT09 227mm x 165m (9" x 180yd) 144mm (5½") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (9kg)
LFT10 255mm x 330m (10" x 361yd) 162mm (6¼") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (10kg)
HD/LFT10 255mm x 165m (10" x 180yd) 162mm (6¼") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (10kg)
LFT12 305mm x 330m (12" x 361yd) 194mm (7¾") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (12kg)
RHD/LFT12 305mm x 165m (12" x 180yd) 194mm (7¾") 125mu (500g) Recycled Natural 1 roll (12kg)
HD/LFT15 380mm x 165m (15" x 180yd) 242mm (9½") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (15kg)
HD/LFT16 406mm x 165m (16" x 180yd) 258mm (10") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (16kg)
LFT18 457mm x 330m (18" x 361yd) 291mm (11½") 62.5mu(250g) Clear 1 roll (18kg)
LFT/G18 457mm x 330m (18" x 361yd) 291mm (11½") 62.5mu (250g) Green 1 roll (18kg)
HD/LFT18 457mm x 165m (18" x 180yd) 291mm (11½") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (18kg)
RHD/LFT20 508mm x 165m (20" x 180yd) 323mm (12¾") 125mu (500g) Recycled Natural 1 roll (20kg)
HD/WT20 508mm x 165m (20" x 180yd) 323mm (12¾") 125mu (500g) White 1 roll (20kg)
LFT24 610mm x 330m (24" x 361yd) 388mm (15¼") 62.5mu (250g) Clear 1 roll (24kg)
HD/LFT24 610mm x 165m (24" x 180yd) 388mm (15¼") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (24kg)
HD/LFT30 760mm x 165m (30" x 180yd) 484mm (19") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (30kg)
HD/LFT40 1015mm x 165m (40" x 180yd) 646mm (25½") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (40kg)
HD/LFT53 1345mm x 125m (53" x 137yd) 856mm (33¾") 125mu (500g) Clear 1 roll (40kg)