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Printed Tapes

Easy to read messages provide clear instructions and warnings to ensure your product is handled appropriately. 

Choice of standard messages in stock in a range of grades to suit every application. Contact our experienced sales team for details on printing tape with bespoke text or your company images for added marketing and security.

Printed tape available from stock


Code Size (width x length) Grade Colour Text Pack Qty
FCC2 48mmx132m (2"x144yd) Boston Red/Black/White CONTENTS CHECKED... 36 rolls
FLN2 48mmx66m (2"x72yd) Boston Red/White FRAGILE 36 rolls
ETPF2 48mmx150m (2"x164yd) E Tape + Red/White FRAGILE 36 rolls
GLN2 48mmx66m (2"x72yd) Boston Red/White GLASS HANDLE WITH... 36 rolls
HPVC2 48mmx66m (2"x72yd) V-Pro Red/White HANDLE WITH CARE 36 rolls
MPVC2 48mmx66m (2"x72yd) V-Pro Red/White MIXED CONTENTS 36 rolls
QPVC2 48mmx66m (2"x72yd) V-Pro Black/Yellow QUARANTINE 36 rolls
RPVC2 48mmx66m (2"x72yd) V-Pro Black/Red REJECT 36 rolls